Complete Eye Care


Dr. Howard Adelson and Dr. Todd Adelson have helped thousands of patients improve or maintain their vision. Our mission is and always will be patient care. We will be there to care for your eye health and vision needs through any stage of life. We continue to lead the area with new medications and technology. We diagnose and treat any eye concern you may have. Surgical procedures that once required a lengthy recovery are now performed by our doctors on an outpatient basis or right in our office, with patients returning to their normal activities within hours.

Our commitment is to invest in leading edge technology as it develops. Our doctors and staff go through ongoing training to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to improve your vision and overall quality of life.

To help you with common complaints, we have created an overview of common eye conditions including symptoms, causes and treatments. Click on any of the conditions below to learn more.

No one knows your eyes like you do. If something feels off or you don’t see the way you think you should, schedule an appointment with us today by calling at 866-340-EYES.