Crystalens Lens

Crystalens Implant

premium-lens-options4The Crystalens IOL is the only accommodating lens replacement that focuses like the eye’s natural lens, thus eliminating the need for glasses. The Crystalens actually mimics the contraction of eye muscles to accommodate and focus at near, immediate and far distances. The lens is implanted in the eye during cataract surgery or laser vision correction surgery. By using the eye’s muscle to move the lens forward and backward, it enables the eye to focus continuously through a range of distances. The Crystalens was the first accommodating lens appproved by the FDA.

The Crystalens is ideal for those who have presbyopia or cataracts and want to restore their vision at all distances.

Clinical Trial Data for the Crystalens (FDA one-year clinical study):

  • 92% of the people enrolled in the study (implanted in both eyes) could see 20/25 or better at distance
  • 96% could see 20/20 at arm’s length
  • 73% could see 20/25 at near without glasses or contact lenses.
  • 98% of these people could pass their drivers test
  • 100% could see their computer or put on their makeup
  • 98% could read a magazine without glasses or contact lenses.

If you are looking into cataract surgery or vision correction surgery options and are interested in this lens, please call us at 866-340-EYES to discuss with Dr. Adelson and he will make recommendations and determine whether you are a candidate.